DKHTML is a new addition to the DKapture suite of programs. Using a normal DKapture compiled file, DKHTML produces a fully cross-compatible HTML questionnaire. This makes it possible to do self-completion surveys over the internet, and write the data into a file on your ISP's server.

DK Computing can also supply and tailor the program that sits on the ISP's server and processes the data sent to it. DKHTML supports nearly all the current DKapture features, including list-types, automatic punching of answers, and all routing.

Here is an example of one of the many styles of script produced by DKHTML. Feel free to answer the questions !

DKapture HTML Questionnaire INTERNET

Compiled file : INTERNET.CPD
16 questions, record length (excl.CR's.) 440 No. of digits in 1, job title - Internet Survey
Miscellaneous Details: 88 answer texts, 5 routes, 3 numerics